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Field notes: Visit to the Azadpur fruit and vegetable wholesale market

The United
Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12
, responsible consumption and production, aims to halve worldwide
food waste and reduce global food loss by 2030. When thinking about this goal,
many questions arise, such as:How is food loss and food waste defined?What metrics and methods are used …

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New food policies could take the bite out of India’s malnutrition

India has spent the last 50 years combating hunger by boosting its
production of staple crops like wheat, rice and maize. The strategy has
worked – up to a point.Now India struggles with chronic malnutrition and child stunting, even though it produces enough calories to …

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Food and agricultural policies: State governments as innovators

In a previous
, I talked about the changes in the agriculture and food policy at the
national level. It is evident that the newer changes in India’s food policy
landscape suggest a greater ‘stepping in’ of the state in the contemporary “food
regime”. This has …

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From food security to reducing malnutrition: Misplaced policy priorities

more nuanced understanding of how food and agricultural policies in India have
evolved over time could be a very useful guide in understanding why nutritional
outcomes continue to fare poorly. It is a widely accepted fact that the
agricultural sector remains key to improved nutritional status. However, given
the …

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